Northern Louisiana Medical Center among first in the U.S. to offer new wide-angle 3D mammogram

Breakthrough MAMMOMAT Revelation system also features personalized compression for a more comfortable exam

Northern Louisiana Medical Center is advancing the fight against breast cancer with innovative technology designed to overcome barriers to detection and compliance. “We chose MAMMOMAT Revelation because the wide-angle technology makes it easier to find even the smallest cancers earlier with greater accuracy,” said Sheri Burns, Director of Radiology. “We also see the system’s personalized compression helping women overcome any fear they might have because the MAMMOMAT Revelation exam has been proven to be more comfortable.”

The advantage of wide-angle, next-generation 3D mammography

MAMMOMAT Revelation, from Siemens Healthineers, is the next generation of 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis). Its unique wide 50-degree angle, the industry’s highest depth resolution, captures more detail for extremely high-quality 3D images that increase diagnostic confidence and enable earlier detection of even subtle lesions.

MAMMOMAT Revelation is also the first mammography platform to provide automated breast density measurements at the point of examination. High breast density can increase the risk of developing cancer. Currently, breast density is estimated visually during the image reading process, usually after the patient leaves. With MAMMOMAT Revelation, getting this information during the exam enables immediate and personalized risk assessment, and allows Northern Louisiana Medical Center to provide supplemental imaging while the patient is in her exam.

The comfort of personalized compression

Compression is key to getting an accurate mammogram. However, the associated discomfort and pain are key reasons why women avoid mammography exams. “It was important to us to remove any barrier that could stop a woman from getting the screening she needs,” said Burns. With MAMMOMAT Revelation’s Personalized Soft Compression, each woman gets exactly the right amount of compression for her breast type. The force is automatically adjusted for the greatest individual comfort without losing any accuracy.

“We are thrilled to bring this breakthrough technology to the Ruston/Lincoln Parish Area. When breast cancer is found early, the chances of survival are greatly improved. And MAMMOMAT Revelation is the best system to provide the quality images and patient experience to make early detection possible,” said Burns.

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