Wound Care

Northern Louisiana Medical Center offers specialized, outpatient care for non-healing wounds, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We provides treatment options for acute, chronic or complex wounds that are typically a result of diabetes, circulatory conditions, recurring pressure ulcer, trauma or surgery. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians provide management plans to promote rapid healing.

Northern Louisiana Medical Center is pleased to announce their Center for Wound Healing is a recipient of RestorixHelath’s Center of Excellence award. Recipients of this award meet or exceed national wound care quality benchmarks over a three-month period.

We provide care for:

  • Arterial Wounds
  • Diabetic Neuropathic Wounds
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Non-Healing Surgical Wounds
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Lymphedema with a Wound
  • Moisture Associated Skin Damage
  • Venous Dermatitis
  • Vasculitis
  • Non-Healing Surgical Wounds

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (318) 255-6946.

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